• Sempozyum Başlangıç Tarihi
    16 Mart 2023
  • Sempozyum Bitiş Tarihi
    19 Mart 2023


Dear Colleagues,

We aim to organize our symposium, venue of which we were obliged to change due to the pandemics, this year back again in Antalya. KLİVET has introduced and implemented the concept of concurrent learning and listening for many years, reintroducing this warmly welcomed concept also helps us to better enjoy our work.

This year, the theme of the 11th symposium is identified as “Clinical Diagnosis”. Experts in their fields from all around the world will come to our country and attend our symposium as speakers to discuss the relevant topics in detail from different dimensions. Representatives of the companies attending the symposium will inform us on the recent developments in the industry, similar to the previous years.

Symposia and congresses are also significantly important events for the dynamism of our profession. Events help our colleagues, coming from different parts of the country, both to catch up with each other and to improve their working environment in their clinics. I believe that such events are very valuable moments for us as the veterinarians, who are working under a heavy schedule. Our society has been organizing high-quality events deserved by our colleagues for many years in close cooperation with the stakeholders of the industry. We closely follow the recent developments with the focus to do better each and every time.

I am more than pleased to invite you this year again to Antalya, to take all the best opportunities out of our 11th Spring Symposium.

Yours sincerely,

Tarık Akan
President of KLİVET